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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
April 10, 2017

Marking the festival of liberation as the occupation hits 50

As we celebrate Passover this year, we will also be marking the 50th year of the occupation. It’s time to reflect on what liberation really means when you’re holding another people captive. continue reading ›
April 2, 2017

‘The occupation will collapse. And then we’ll build a moral society here’

On Saturday night, thousands of Palestinians and Jews gathered in Jerusalem for an anti-occupation protest marking 50 years since the occupation began. Breaking the Silence head Yuli Novak spoke to demonstrators about the importance of solidarity and resistance to the violence and racism of the Israeli government. Below is a transcript of the speech, translated from Hebrew. continue reading ›
February 24, 2017

Why Breaking the Silence?

When an autoimmune disease breaks out the immune system gets confused and instead of protecting the body it attacks itself. It seems that in the past year, such behavior has developed as a natural, but worrisome, reaction to the government’s campaign of incitement and intimidation against the Israeli left. continue reading ›
February 8, 2017

Netanyahu wants to repress my group, Breaking the Silence. May, don’t help him

As an Israeli, it’s not my place to tell Netanyahu to stop interfering in decisions made by the British government. That’s something British citizens can do. What I can do is shed some light on the reason Netanyahu is so intent on stopping us, an organisation of soldiers who encourage public debate on the reality of occupation and the moral price it exacts from Israelis. continue reading ›
January 27, 2017

Who’s Afraid of Nonviolence?

Issa Amro, a native of the city of Hebron and a prominent Palestinian advocate of nonviolent resistance, has been waiting now for nearly two months to find out when he can expect to face trial in an Israeli military courtroom. He has been accused of a series of offenses ranging from demonstrating without a permit to “insulting a soldier.” continue reading ›
January 14, 2017

Israeli Army Raids an Apartment, Palestinian Grandmother Wounded and Faints read

The IDF raid on Kafr Qaddum in the West Bank last Tuesday night did not become just another dry statistic. The reason: an 80-year-old Palestinian woman was injured. IDF claims she was never pushed and simply felt unwell. continue reading ›
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