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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
December 16, 2013

For Arab citizens, Israeli government suffers from split personality

Ten years after the Or Commission was formed to investigate the deaths of 13 Arabs protesters at the hands of Israeli police, the government is taking contradictory steps toward implementing its findings. continue reading ›
November 21, 2013

Breaking the Silence: Testimonies of IDF soldiers expose truth about occupation

On April 2, 2002, in the midst of the second intifada and a few days after the launch of Operation Defensive Shield, the Israel Defense Forces entered the West Bank city of Jenin. The operation followed a painstaking month of bombings on civilians inside Israel. continue reading ›
November 5, 2013

For Israeli soldiers, some Palestinians are little more than props

How can an entire army battalion pass through a village without disrupting its inhabitants? How can soldiers train with live bullets while ensuring that no one will be injured? A former IDF soldier describes the ways in which soldiers are taught to make their presence known, always at the expense of the local Palestinian population. continue reading ›
October 11, 2013

J Street U Rejected for Standing Behind IDF Soldiers

UC Berkeley’s Jewish Student Union (JSU) voted Wednesday to deny membership to J Street U. Apparently, the main reason is J Street U’s relationship with Breaking the Silence, an organization of which I am a member. continue reading ›
October 1, 2013

Introducing Tzipi Livni to the Occupation

While delivering her keynote speech at the opening of the J Street Conference on Saturday night, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said, “I believe that there is one thing [Israelis and American Jews] should unite behind. I know that Israeli soldiers will do everything they can in order to avoid loss of innocent life. I know it for sure, because they are our children… I know the values that they were raised with and I know they apply these values when we send them to defend our families.” The contrast between her words and my experience as an Israeli soldier made me shift uncomfortably in my seat. continue reading ›
September 1, 2013

British writers back Palestinian villagers against Israeli army

Ian McEwan, John le Carré and Julian Barnes are among British authors backing impoverished Palestinian villagers against Israeli army attempts to evict them to make way for a shooting range. continue reading ›
August 30, 2013

Israeli Soldiers Dancing at Hebron Wedding Were Probably Not Welcome Guests

A story about Hebron made it to international news outlets again this week: a group of Israeli soldiers from the Givati Infrantry Brigade were filmed dancing at a Palestinian wedding. One soldier was carried around on the shoulders of various wedding attendees. Why were they there? Most likely, they were simply on patrol, heard familiar music, and "asked" to come in and dance. Because no Palestinian says "no" to a soldier in Hebron. It's pretty much impossible. continue reading ›
August 18, 2013

Masked men attack Palestinian shepherd near West Bank outpost

The Ramat Migron outpost is identified with young, extreme right-wing settlers known as the hilltop youth. In recent years, several Palestinians have been attacked and property destructed in the area. continue reading ›
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