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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
August 1, 2013

Israel: Eviction of 1,300 Palestinians necessary to save IDF time, money

State responds to two High Court petitions to stop planned evacuation of eight villages in south Hebron hills. continue reading ›
July 31, 2013

IDF legal adviser: Detention of 5-year-old Palestinian boy was legitimate

Detention of child in Hebron meant to 'thwart a security threat,’ IDF's legal adviser says, but adds that soldiers erred in detaining boy’s father; B'Tselem: Soldiers committed 'grave errors.' continue reading ›
July 10, 2013

High Court orders state: Reopen probe of U.S. citizen wounded in West Bank protest

Court responding to petition charging that nobody questioned the Border Police soldier who fired the tear-gas canister that cracked Tristan Anderson's skull in 2009. continue reading ›
July 9, 2013

Gaza’s future music stars face a discordant journey to summer camp

When you’re a child musician from Gaza, not a rock star like recent Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf, the Israeli army labels you a security risk, and getting to Ramallah is a far more arduous journey. continue reading ›
July 6, 2013

When ‘buying time’ means one thing: More occupation

The lie about an alleged peace process does not end in Israeli schools or in the minds of Israeli soldiers in the occupation’s army; it is the pillar of international diplomacy, especially that of the United States. That is its true greatness. continue reading ›
July 5, 2013

A day in Jinba, the tiny Palestinian village about to become a huge IDF training zone

Everything seems to be forbidden here; only the water tower of Avigail, the vineyards of Sussia, the cowsheds of the Maon Farm and the home of Mitzpe Yair are apparently permitted. continue reading ›
June 26, 2013

Israeli authors campaign against eviction of West Bank villagers

David Grossman, Amos Oz and AB Yehoshua are among 24 writers calling for reprieve for villages in South Hebron hills continue reading ›
June 25, 2013

Why Firing Zone 918 is Relevant Today

The gathering was organized by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Breaking the Silence, among others. And it was an answer to the rallying cry of a group of Israeli authors who had signed a letter penned by one of their number—David Grossman—who called to all "those who are still able to listen" to "do something to bend back the occupation's giant, cruel hand," this time in Firing Zone 918. continue reading ›
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