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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
June 20, 2013

Breaking the Silence in the forward

"by speaking out about the nature of the occupation and what it does to generations of young people serving in the IDF, these women are doing something far more provocative. For their honestly, they merit the gratitude of all of us who care about Israel." continue reading ›
June 16, 2013

Breaking the Silence: In the reality of occupation, there are no Palestinian civilians – only potential terrorists

For about a year-and-a-half I lived the reality of Occupation. Like other male and female soldiers serving in the Occupied Territories, I learned soon enough the kind of conduct acceptable and expected of me as a combatant in this reality. I learned to do the job assigned to me – controlling Palestinians. I learned to speak the language of occupation, a language of imperatives and demands. continue reading ›
June 16, 2013

Breaking the Silence in The independent

Gil Hillel, and activist in Breaking the Silence, writes about the routine of occupation. continue reading ›
June 11, 2013

The soldiers’ stories that Israel lacks the courage to hear

Testimonies from former Israeli soldiers have failed to touch the Israeli public or change the state’s policies. The IDF gives an ‘explanation’ for why it ignores these and all other occupation stories told by the men and women of Breaking the Silence. continue reading ›
June 10, 2013

Former female Israeli soldiers break their silence

This campaign is of special significance to me because it gives voice to the women who comprise Israel’s army and its mechanism for continued occupation and oppression, happening within a society (local and global) in which, as women, they already exist in a gender power dynamic of systematic discrimination and violence. continue reading ›
June 1, 2013

IDF soldiers to West Bank children: ‘We are the army, be careful if we see you’

The message reads: “We are the army. Be careful if we see you, we’re going to catch you or come to your house.” continue reading ›
April 28, 2013

Israel gives up white phosphorus, because ‘it doesn’t photograph well’

A certain air of nostalgia dominated Maariv’s headline last Thursday: “Due to criticism in the world, IDF parts ways with white phosphorus” continue reading ›
April 27, 2013

WATCH: IDF soldier screams at Israeli activists: ‘You are worse than the Arabs’

Israeli Ta’ayush activists who were accompanying Palestinian shepherds in the southern West Bank village Umm al Amad on Saturday were confronted by a soldier who lost his cool, to say the least. continue reading ›
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