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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
August 18, 2012

Video: Soldiers beat journalists with clubs

Palestinian journalists routinely covering weekly protest in Kafr Kadum arrested by troops, seen in video being assaulted by troops continue reading ›
August 15, 2012

WATCH: Palestinian violently dragged by ununiformed soldiers

A video uploaded Tuesday by the International Solidarity movement shows a young Palestinian man being violently dragged from checkpoint 56 in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank. continue reading ›
August 14, 2012

When war criminals walk free

Cast Lead, an operation that caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians, is ending on a weak note, as only three indictments have been issued. continue reading ›
August 8, 2012

Despite complaints, IDF refuses to remove Israeli settlers from Palestinian village’s lands

Settlers have already converted some 400 dunams of Susya's land from agricultural use, as part of a modus operandi that is well-known in the West Bank. continue reading ›
August 7, 2012

IDF raids Hebron-area village; residents fear impending demolition

IDF helicopters ferried masked, armed soldiers to isolated Palestinian village of Jinba, where they raided homes, photographing and mapping the site, say residents. continue reading ›
August 5, 2012

Lambs to the settlers’ slaughter, screaming and unheard

There were more than 50 reports of Israelis assaulting Palestinians in the West Bank last month. In the start of a regular series, Haaretz details one particularly violent attack continue reading ›
July 25, 2012

Education minister: Hebron school tours don’t indicate West Bank town’s final status

Some 4,000 students visit Hebron last year as part of a program instituted by the Education Ministry under Sa'ar's aegis. continue reading ›
July 24, 2012

Save Susya campaign: Over 12,000 faxes annoy Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry and Civil Administration complained Tuesday that the thousands of faxes calling on the government to cancel the demolition of the Palestinian village are disrupting their work and threatened to get the police to stop the campaign. continue reading ›
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