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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
July 11, 2016

For Diaspora Jews, the Occupation Can’t Just Be a Spectator Sport

Seeing the reality of Hebron with groups like Breaking the Silence is important. But it’s even more crucial to take the anti-occupation message back into our Diaspora Jewish communities. continue reading ›
July 10, 2016

June 2016 at Breaking the Silence

June newsletter at Breaking the Silence continue reading ›
July 3, 2016

Update from Breaking the Silence: Berelson Prize Rescinded

Update from Breaking the Silence: Berelson Prize Rescinded continue reading ›
July 1, 2016

Mario Vargas Llosa on democracy in Latin America, chaos in Venezuela and fifty years of Israeli occupation

Their literary reflections on all aspects of life in the territories - from the military court system to Ramallah’s hip-hop scene - will be published in 2017 in an anthology organised by Breaking the Silence, a group of former Israeli soldiers trying to bring public attention to the occupation. continue reading ›
June 30, 2016

New Israel Fund Awards Breaking the Silence an Alternative Prize

$20,000 donation almost four times amount of Ben-Gurion University prize nixed by its president. continue reading ›
June 29, 2016

An Israeli University Teaches a Lesson in Spinelessness

By retracting a prize to Breaking the Silence in the name of 'the consensus', Ben-Gurion University has made a dangerous capitulation to the forces that seek to suppress civil society. continue reading ›
June 26, 2016

Israeli University Nixes Decision to Grant Prize to Breaking the Silence

The anti-occupation NGO was to get a prize for Jewish-Arab understanding until Ben-Gurion University's president overturned her department head's decision. continue reading ›
June 3, 2016

The power couple of American literature wants to save Israel from itself

The dissonance generated by a visit to Hebron and a dinner in Tel Aviv jolted Israeli-born writer Ayelet Waldman. It also sparked the genesis of a project with her husband, writer Michael Chabon, and Breaking the Silence: enlisting world-famous writers to document life under occupation. continue reading ›
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