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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
June 23, 2015

Breaking the Silence response to the UN report on Operation Protective Edge

Since the establishment of the organization of former combatants, “Breaking the Silence,” we have gathered testimonies from soldiers who served in the occupied territories. All our testimonies are available to the public, and anyone is welcome to read them. Over a month ago we published a booklet of testimonies from over 60 soldiers and officers who participated in Operation “Protective Edge.” Our commitment as an organization is both to the combatants who were sent to Gaza, and to the public that is entitled to receive an honest depiction of the IDF’s policies on the ground. As such, we have never passed our materials onto an investigative body, including the UN investigative committee that released its report on “Protective Edge” this week.  As combatants and IDF officers, we are ashamed to read the UN report, which is a direct result of our extreme right-wing government’s policies – unwilling to examine its actions even for a moment. The testimonies provided to Breaking the Silence by soldiers who participated in “Protective Edge,” paint a harsh picture of the policies that led to indiscriminate firing and tremendous harm to innocent civilians. The testimonies indicate major moral policy failures on behalf of the IDF, which come from the top of the chain of command and in no sense indicate exceptional cases. Israeli military investigations are incapable of examining the government’s policies or those of high-ranking officers. As such, the soldier in the field pays the price for the execution of these unjust policies. Today we repeat our call to the Israeli government for the establishment of an external-national commission of inquiry, to investigate the open-fire policy during “Protective Edge” and the norms and values ​​that guide this policy. Our government must stop abandoning IDF soldiers in the line of fire, both in Gaza and at the hands of international institutions.


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