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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


Avner Gvaryahu

March 14, 2016

Let’s Talk About the Occupation in (American) English

by AVNER GVARYAHU in Haaretz
Ari Shavit’s strategies for bridging the gap between U.S. Jews and Israel effectively act to obscure the line that separates Israel from the occupied territories. That line is what Breaking the Silence seeks to protect. continue reading ›
November 22, 2015

MK Shaked’s New Bill Stigmatizes, Constrains Left-Wing Israeli NGOs

by AVNER GVARYAHU in The Jewish Week
Without anti- occupation organizations, who will constantly try to remind Israelis that the occupation continues after each military operation? Who will fight to talk about the context of the violence? Who will try to take responsibility and create future change? Read more at continue reading ›
May 11, 2015

Soldaten getuigen: Israëlisch leger gebruikte doelbewust disproportioneel geweld

by AVNER GVARYAHU in De Wereld Morgen Be
Breaking the Silence is een Israëlische organisatie van ex-soldaten di in de Palestijnse gebieden vochten. De organisatie wil de werkwijzen van het Israëlische leger in de bezette gebieden publiek maken. Avner Gvaryahu, actief bij de Breaking the Silence continue reading ›
May 11, 2015

Cero bajas

by AVNER GVARYAHU in El Huffington Post
¿Cómo fue que 2200 palestinos murieron en Gaza el verano pasado? ¿Cómo ocurrió que 18.000 viviendas fueron destruidas por toda la Franja de Gaza? ¿Cómo fue que 100.000 personas se quedaron sin techo? Estas preguntas, y muchas más, son las preguntas que deben estar en el centro del debate público en torno a la operación Tzuk Eitán (Margen protector o Bastión inconmovible). Sin embargo, nadie las pregunta. continue reading ›
February 5, 2015

Israel’s president went to Hebron for all the wrong reasons

Instead of ignoring the Palestinian stores and homes whose doors the army welded shut, instead of ignoring the racist graffiti and segregation, President Rivlin had an opportunity to look occupation in the eyes. He didn’t. continue reading ›
January 14, 2015

Why do the settlers want to shut us up?

I saw Israeli citizens living like masters alongside Palestinians living under foreign rule that I helped maintain. Today, when my comrades and I fulfill our civic duty by trying to hold a public debate based on knowledge, Erlich prefers that we keep our mouths shut. continue reading ›
July 15, 2014

As an ex-soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, I’ve seen how shockingly we treat Palestinians

by AVNER GVARYAHU in The Independent
There are moral red lines. Why do we keep crossing them? continue reading ›
October 1, 2013

Introducing Tzipi Livni to the Occupation

While delivering her keynote speech at the opening of the J Street Conference on Saturday night, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said, “I believe that there is one thing [Israelis and American Jews] should unite behind. I know that Israeli soldiers will do everything they can in order to avoid loss of innocent life. I know it for sure, because they are our children… I know the values that they were raised with and I know they apply these values when we send them to defend our families.” The contrast between her words and my experience as an Israeli soldier made me shift uncomfortably in my seat. continue reading ›
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