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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


Shay Davidovich

May 11, 2015

De moralske værdier er i skred. Israel må opgive sin kontrol over et andet folk

by SHAY DAVIDOVICH in Kristeligt Dagblad
Kapitel 18 i Første Mosebog fortæller om byen Sodoma. Historien er berømt, og ethvert israelsk barn kender den. Den handler om en samtale mellem Abraham og Gud, hvor Abraham beder Gud om at have medlidenhed med byens befolkning. Abrahams argument er, at en retfærdig mand skal skelnes fra en ond. continue reading ›
March 15, 2015

The only issue that matters in Israel’s elections

by SHAY DAVIDOVICH in +972 mag
I grew up in a settlement. I met more Palestinians that the average Israeli. But it was only during my military service in the West Bank that I realized our 47-year rule over the occupied territories must come to an end. continue reading ›
June 11, 2014

‘I realized violence came from settlers, not Palestinians’

by SHAY DAVIDOVICH in +972 Magazine
On the occasion of 10 years since the founding of Breaking the Silence, a former IDF soldier talks about how he came to understand the immorality of the mission his country sent him on, and Israeli society’s silence surrounding it. continue reading ›
November 5, 2013

For Israeli soldiers, some Palestinians are little more than props

How can an entire army battalion pass through a village without disrupting its inhabitants? How can soldiers train with live bullets while ensuring that no one will be injured? A former IDF soldier describes the ways in which soldiers are taught to make their presence known, always at the expense of the local Palestinian population. continue reading ›
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