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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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August 6, 2014

Hamas Is A Cruel Enemy, But What Have We Become?

by YEHUDA SHAUL in The Jewish Week
As an Israeli citizen who loves his home, I hope that many other citizens will join me in calling on Israel to stop this practice of bombing homes with their inhabitants inside – an act that causes unreasonable harm to Gazan civilians. We must stop sending our friends and our soldiers on operations that will definitively harm civilians. continue reading ›
August 3, 2014

En nombre de la defensa

by YEHUDA SHAUL in La Marea
August 3, 2014

Un ancien officier israélien : « Notre but était de semer la peur »

by YULI NOVAK in Le Monde
En novembre 2012, Israël a lancé à Gaza une opération baptisée « Amud Anan », qui peut se traduire littéralement par « colonne de nuages ». Le nom sous lequel elle a été officiellement désignée à l'étranger a pourtant été continue reading ›
August 3, 2014

Vi tøyer den moralske aksepten lenger og lenger

by YULI NOVAK in Aftenposten
I 2002 beklaget det israelske forsvaret bombing av sivile hjem. I dag er det blitt normal praksis, skriver den tidligere israelske soldaten Yuli Novak. continue reading ›
August 3, 2014

Jaar na jaar, militaire operatie na militaire operatie, schuiven onze rode morele lijnen verder op

by YULI NOVAK in De Morgen
Yuli Novak, 32, werkte als officier bij de Israëlische luchtmacht van 2000 tot 2005. Nu is ze directeur van de NGO Breaking the Silence, die getuigenissen van Israëlische soldaten en veteranen verzamelt. continue reading ›
August 3, 2014

Gaza: ‘Burning the consciousness’

by YEHUDA SHAUL in EU Observer
Instead of trying to explain and justify it, we must act to change it. These are the days when we have to say: it's time to end the occupation. continue reading ›
July 29, 2014

When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more

by YULI NOVAK in The guardian
Once there was widespread Israeli outrage over the bombing of homes in Gaza. Now there is just indifference continue reading ›
July 16, 2014

How an army of defense became an army of vengeance

I will never forget the evening my friends and I were sent to kill Palestinian police officers in a revenge attack. We went from soldiers sent to defend our families to murderers of innocent people. continue reading ›
July 15, 2014

As an ex-soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, I’ve seen how shockingly we treat Palestinians

by AVNER GVARYAHU in The Independent
There are moral red lines. Why do we keep crossing them? continue reading ›
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