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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



February 2, 2015

Settlers, protesters scuffle as president makes rare Hebron visit

Rivlin calls for national unity while inaugurating new museum in memory of 1929 massacre victims in flashpoint West Bank city. continue reading ›
January 14, 2015

Why do the settlers want to shut us up?

I saw Israeli citizens living like masters alongside Palestinians living under foreign rule that I helped maintain. Today, when my comrades and I fulfill our civic duty by trying to hold a public debate based on knowledge, Erlich prefers that we keep our mouths shut. continue reading ›
December 17, 2014

Holiness does not live here any more

Impressions from a visit to Hebron: a shuttered town where extremist Jews and Palestinians live in mutual hate continue reading ›
November 26, 2014

Note To Adelson: An Occupying Regime Is Neither Democratic, Nor Jewish

While democracy is not an imperative feature of Israel for Adelson, Judaism is. To understand his vision of the Jewish state’s character, there is no need to activate one’s imagination or search in far away places. It is enough to visit Hebron. continue reading ›
November 3, 2014


The moral convictions of the BTS activists is admirable. The organisation does not take a particular stance on the conflict’s resolution – there are both those who support two-states and one-state – yet those who work there are resolute about the fact that the status quo, i.e. an almost 50 year old occupation of martial law, is intolerable. continue reading ›
November 1, 2014

In West Bank, Israeli troops still escort Palestinian children to school

A decade later, a dozen Palestinian children trudge up the rocky hilltop here flanked by Israeli troops in full body armor. The soldiers are escorting them past a Jewish settlement harboring teens and adults who have attacked the youngsters with sticks and stones. continue reading ›
October 23, 2014

‘IDF don’t see Palestinian people as people, children as children’

The order is very clear - if you need to arrest him or detain him, then you do it. If he is 10-years old you would also do it. After a while you stop looking at people as people, you stop looking at children as children, former IDF soldier Nadav Bigelman, told RT’s In the Now show. continue reading ›
October 6, 2014

H2: the experience of a generation

Palestinians whose houses are on the a-Shahuda are prevented from leaving home by their front doors and must exit by climbing through their roofs and down the back of the building. There was a time when Hebron was undivided. continue reading ›
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