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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



September 8, 2014

A War of Choice in Gaza

The only certainty now is that this will happen again unless the situation in Gaza changes. That in turn necessitates Palestinian unity and renunciation of violence. It also hinges on a change in the Israeli calculus that settlement extension, a divided Palestinian movement, and vacuous blah-blah on a two-state peace are in its interest, whatever the intermittent cost in blood. continue reading ›
September 7, 2014

The Work.

A group of, mostly Israeli, volunteers spent the day helping to clean up the yard, which is their only pathway home. continue reading ›
September 4, 2014

How can you protest against Ferguson yet ignore the Israeli occupation?

American Jews have historically been on the right side of the struggle for civil rights, but when it comes to Israeli atrocities, some go mum. continue reading ›
September 3, 2014

Proud to be a ‘traitor’

I, as an enthusiastic supporter of these organizations, who was born and raised in Israel, fought in the army (and was even severely wounded), and served in the Israeli diplomatic service for three decades, now find myself designated a "traitor," continue reading ›
August 29, 2014

How we grew up: an Israeli veteran on the dehumanising power of military control

Yehuda Shaul writes of how he and his friends learned to glorify power, and lost their ability to see Palestinians as people whose lives are no less valuable. Now, he and hundreds of others are working to end the occupation. continue reading ›
August 13, 2014

Why It’s Hard to Believe Israel’s Claim That It Did Its Best to Minimize Civilian Deaths

I write this with great sorrow for civilians hurt on both sides. Sorrow for our soldiers who have fallen in this operation, and sorrow for the future of my country and the entire region. I know that as I write, soldiers like me have fired shells into Gaza. continue reading ›
August 4, 2014

Hamas Is A Cruel Enemy, But What Have We Become?

As an Israeli citizen who loves his home, I hope that many other citizens will join me in calling on Israel to stop this practice of bombing homes with their inhabitants inside – an act that causes unreasonable harm to Gazan civilians. continue reading ›
August 3, 2014

Israel-Gaza conflict: Ex-soldiers reveal the pressure they are put under by their superiors – and question the IDF’s commitment to leaving the unarmed unharmed

Veterans have made their testimonies available to 'The Independent' to make a statement against the current fighting continue reading ›
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