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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



March 15, 2013

Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start?

"But armies, by their nature, have one default response to opposition: force. One soldier who served in Nabi Saleh testified to the Israeli veterans’ group Breaking the Silence about preparing for Friday protests. “It’s like some kind of game,” he said. continue reading ›
January 28, 2013

Palestinian deaths raise concern over Israeli army use of live fire

At least five young unarmed people shot by soldiers despite rules permitting live fire only in extreme circumstances continue reading ›
January 27, 2013

A grenade here, a grenade there – so they’ll learn

Dor Sandak is an activist with “Breaking the Silence” writes: "A 21-year-old Palestinian student was killed by Israeli army fire last week. I suppose that just like myself back then, today too, soldiers shoot because that is what their sergeant ordered them to do: to teach a lesson, to remain in charge." continue reading ›
January 24, 2013

The real rules of engagement in the West Bank

Avner Gvaryahu, a social worker and activist with Breaking the Silence, writes about rules of engagement in the Palestinian territories. continue reading ›
January 19, 2013

IDF evicts Palestinians from their land, arrests 15, including mother with baby

The Israeli army arrested 10 Palestinians and five Israelis in the South Hebron Hills today (Saturday) while they were trying to reach Palestinian-owned land next to the illegal outpost called Mitzpeh Yair, in the southern West Bank. continue reading ›
January 16, 2013

Legal expert to High Court: Israel could be tried in Hague if it evicts West Bank villagers

Petition relates to area in the South Hebron Hills that was declared a live-fire zone in the early 1980s, and which Defense Minister Barak decided in July 2012 requires the eviction of 8 of 12 Palestinian villages. continue reading ›
December 19, 2012

Testimony: Soldier fired directly at Bil’in demonstrator killed in 2009

New light is shed on the shooting death of non-violent demonstrator Bassem Abu Rahme in Bil’in in 2009: A soldier who served in the same brigade as the shooter testifies how the incident was perceived by other soldiers continue reading ›
December 14, 2012

IDF soldiers assault two Reuters cameramen in Hebron

Soldiers forced the cameramen to leave their vehicle, punched them, striking them with the butts of their guns, as well as forcing them to strip continue reading ›
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