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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



June 28, 2012

‘I Am an Illegal Alien on My Own Land’

Sixty-three years have passed since Yizhar wrote “Khirbet Khizeh.” I wish I could say that what he described was an ugly exception and that such actions don’t happen any more. It is not, and they do. continue reading ›
June 26, 2012

Israeli policeman charged with death of Palestinian child: If you don’t act, they think you’re weak

Police officer indicted in May 2010 for causing death by negligence, and the closing arguments of his trial began last week. continue reading ›
June 14, 2012

Palestinian from Area C on a life in constant need of rebuilding

I am Nasser Nawaj’ah. I am 30 years old. My mother gave birth to me in a cave in Susya El-Kadis. You know of Susya as a Jewish settlement in the South Hebron Hills, but Susya is first of all a Palestinian village that existed before the establishment of the State of Israel. continue reading ›
June 12, 2012

IDF suspends officer filmed firing live ammunition at Palestinian protesters

The incident took place in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh; Video appears to indicate that officer's life was not in danger. continue reading ›
May 25, 2012

Why IDF soldiers stand idly by when settlers attack Palestinians

Last Saturday, a B’Tselem video camera captured an incident of settler violence that began with rocks being thrown at Palestinians near the village of Asira al-Qibliya in the outskirts of Nablus, and ended with live shots fired by the settlers and a wounded Palestinian youth. continue reading ›
May 17, 2012

Palestinian cave dwellers caught in Israel’s crossfire

Villagers face eviction from a bitterly contested border area that was designated as a military zone continue reading ›
May 16, 2012

A toxic attachment

By removing the local population of an isolated hilltop in the South Hebron Hills, Israel’s grip becomes ever firmer over land we so urgently need to relinquish. continue reading ›
May 13, 2012

Cave-dwelling Palestinian farmers facing eviction from homes

A unique way of life in the West Bank is under threat after Israel renewed a legal bid to evict more than 1,600 cave-dwelling Palestinian farmers from their land in the desert hills near the Biblical city of Hebron. continue reading ›
May 6, 2012

Unnecessary killing in West Bank

Why does the IDF have to infiltrate a peaceful Palestinian village in the dead of night to train among its houses? Those responsible must be called to account for the unnecessary killing in Ramun. continue reading ›
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