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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



May 4, 2012

In a Palestinian village plagued by crime, a thin line runs between burglars and IDF soldiers

Their town has a problem with robberies, so it was hardly surprising that the three Shawakhah brothers tried to defend their home upon seeing suspicious men in the street one night in March. continue reading ›
May 1, 2012

IDF closes probe into Israeli air strike that killed 21 members of Gaza family

Military prosecution says will take no legal steps against those responsible for deaths of Samouni family, killed in their home during Operation Cast Lead. continue reading ›
April 22, 2012

Israeli court orders eviction of settlers from another Hebron house

House, abandoned in 2001 and taken over by settlers in 2005, is owned by a Palestinian man; ownership documents presented by the settlers to the court were found to be forgeries. continue reading ›
April 17, 2012

IDF officer who hit Danish protester unlikely to be dismissed, precedents indicate

Very few of the investigations into alleged acts of gratuitous violence by IDF soldiers against Palestinians, protesters in West Bank result in criminal prosecution or discharge from army. continue reading ›
April 16, 2012

Breaking the Silence is seeking a Development and Communications Coordinator

The position includes managing all of BTS's fundraising efforts, and English language communications. Full job description, requirements, and instructions for applying available here continue reading ›
April 15, 2012

VIDEO / Senior IDF officer beats pro-Palestinian activist with rifle

International Solidarity Movement posts YouTube video of IDF soldiers beating leftist activists who took part in a bike ride in the Jordan Valley; IDF suspends officer in video; IDF chief says he sees matter as 'grave incident.' continue reading ›
April 4, 2012

Israeli security forces evacuate settlers from Hebron house

IDF says that the evacuation of the settlers, who resided in the house for more than two weeks, was completed 'without any unusual events.' continue reading ›
April 3, 2012

Israeli minister: State should encourage settler takeover of Hebron home

Comments by Likud's Yisrael Katz come amid apparent disagreement between defense establishment, Netanyahu's office as to the proper response to the structure's capture; Netanyahu to discuss issue in panel with Barak. continue reading ›
April 2, 2012

IDF brass calls for immediate removal of new Hebron settlement

Settlers say they purchased the property legally and their representatives show records of the deal. continue reading ›
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