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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



March 5, 2011

Photo Exhibition in Sweden

On March 5, the “Breaking the Silence” Photo Exhibition will open to the public at the Army Museum in Stockholm. From the point of view of the soldiers themselves, the exhibition depicts everyday life and the common experiences of Israeli soldiers in the Occupied Territories. continue reading ›
March 1, 2011

BtS Anonymity vs. IDF Anonymity

How the anonymity of testifiers is directly related to the assumed identity of the IDF Spokesperson. continue reading ›
February 25, 2011

A journalist reflects on a visit to Hebron

A private outing in Hebron, following the education minister’s decision to encourage schoolchildren to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs. continue reading ›
February 17, 2011

Government asks Breaking the Silence to Help with Hasbara

Breaking the Silence member Mikhael Manekin says the Israeli’s governments attempts to divert attention from the occupation with social media propaganda are not only condescending, they simply will not work. continue reading ›
February 17, 2011

Tablet Magazine story on BTS

An IDF vet with ‘a great sense of discomfort about my own personal behavior’ when he patrolled the Occupied Territories now leads a group called Breaking the Silence dedicated to exposing the messy work of occupation. continue reading ›
February 16, 2011

Education Ministry to sponsor school trips to Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs

Ministry calls the program ‘experimental,’ sees ‘great significance in getting to know the historic roots of the State of Israel.’ continue reading ›
January 30, 2011

IDF soldier claims wrong information led to Gaza family’s deaths

Though two years have passed, ‘Uri’ still exhibits clear signs of distress. He talks in a near whisper as he begins to relay the story of his most traumatic experience as a soldier. continue reading ›
January 6, 2011

Breaking the Silence position on the Knesset probe motion

The Knesset plenum voted on Jan 4 to order the House Committee to consider establishing a parliamentary panel of inquiry into left-wing Israeli organizations that allegedly participate in delegitimization campaigns against Israel Defense Forces soldiers. continue reading ›
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