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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



May 7, 2016

Here’s what happened when some famous writers went to visit some hardcore Jewish settlers

The organizers hope their words will kindle reflection, outrage, change. They think that after five decades of daily news coverage, often numbing in its narrative of stalled 'peace processes' and kill-reprisal-repeat, the Israel-Palestinian conflict needs a novelist’s chops to tell old stories in new ways. continue reading ›
April 18, 2016

Literary Stars Learn ‘Occupation 101’ Firsthand in Tense Tour of West Bank

“Despair is a luxury,” wrote Waldman and Chabon in their announcement of the book, explaining that that they had decided to use “our voices and our words” to bear witness to Israel’s lengthy military occupation rather than turning away in hopelessness. The book is “not an analysis of the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” they wrote. “It asks a simple question: What does occupation look like? What does it feel like to live under occupation?” continue reading ›
April 16, 2016

Geraldine Brooks returns to Middle East to gather facts for new book

Award-winning Australian author Geraldine Brooks returns to the Middle East, where she began her career as a journalist, to observe life under Israeli occupation for a book that will mark 50 years since Israel took control of the West Bank. continue reading ›
April 3, 2016

How Breaking the Silence Inspires My Pro-Israel Advocacy

in campus environments where hostility to and suspicion of Israel and the IDF run high, men and women like Nadav show skeptics that Israeli soldiers are not monsters, but complex human beings. They show that there are Israelis committed to helping their society understand the truth about the conflict and its costs, and committed to working toward positive change. continue reading ›
March 30, 2016

The Smear With The Hebrew Accent

Nonetheless, in a country where the army is an almost sacred institution and where almost everybody serves, their mission and tactics make them very controversial. This time, Breaking the Silence was accused of collecting classified information about Israeli military operations from soldiers they had interviewed. continue reading ›
March 23, 2016

Bibi, Leave My Grandparents Out of Your Politics

I work for Breaking the Silence. But why should my grandparents be woken up by a 1 A.M. phone call telling them their granddaughter is a whore? Will anyone end the incitement? continue reading ›
March 22, 2016

In Targeting Breaking the Silence, Ya’alon Is Shooting the Messenger

All such tactics have the same goal: To divert discussion from the injustices that left-wing organizations expose into a debate over the organizations themselves. continue reading ›
March 21, 2016

The Israeli media is branding Breaking the Silence as traitors

The campaign against the Israeli Left continues: why did Channel 2 air a segment that paints Breaking the Silence as a traitorous organization that peddles in state secrets? continue reading ›
March 21, 2016

Why Netanyahu is so threatened by Breaking the Silence

What will the prime minister do on the day the Israeli public gets up and refuses to keep living by the sword? continue reading ›
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