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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



March 20, 2016

Breaking the Silence Is a Legitimate Outlet for Israeli Military Whistle-blowers

Israeli leaders strive to present Breaking the Silence as the enemy. Outlawing the human rights group would not bode well for Israeli freedom of expression. continue reading ›
March 18, 2016

Breaking the Silence Under Investigation After Report Claims It Collects Military Intel

Netanyahu announces probe after Channel 2 reports group milks former soldiers for information about military activity; group fires back, saying testimonies it publishes are in line with IDF censorship guidelines. continue reading ›
March 13, 2016

Let’s Talk About the Occupation in (American) English

Ari Shavit’s strategies for bridging the gap between U.S. Jews and Israel effectively act to obscure the line that separates Israel from the occupied territories. That line is what Breaking the Silence seeks to protect. continue reading ›
February 21, 2016

Mario Vargas Llosa, Michael Chabon Among Writers Collaborating on Book on Israeli Occupation

Breaking the Silence initiative will bring famous authors to Israel and West Bank, to tell real stories. continue reading ›
February 20, 2016

Political persecution won’t stop us from breaking our silence

The orchestrated onslaught against Israeli anti-occupation groups have led to death threats and physical attacks. But we will not be scared — we are determined to save our country from the same messianic, nationalistic, and racist forces that harm it. continue reading ›
February 10, 2016

Breaking the Silence: toward a moral army and a moral country

We turn to our society and to the Israeli leadership with two demands: first, assume responsibility to remain aware of the nature of the missions you send us out to carry out and what they entail. Second, change the mission. continue reading ›
February 5, 2016

‘Blacklisted’ human rights groups sing a defiant tune

Amid an unprecedented wave of delegitimization and attacks on human rights groups in Israel, dozens of organizations throw a mini-festival in Tel Aviv, sending a message that they will not be deterred. continue reading ›
January 25, 2016

When homophobia becomes a tool for political persecution

The campaign against the Left in Israel reaches a new low: a planned protest at the wedding of an anti-occupation group’s director and her wife-to-be. It shows that when dissent is characterized as treason, there is no area of one’s life that is off-limits. continue reading ›
January 21, 2016

‘I’m breaking the silence because I’m Zionist, Israeli and a patriot’

He is the 'star' of the aggressive Im Tirzu campaign against Breaking the Silence, but has so far preferred to keep quiet. Now, Avner Gvaryahu is fighting back: he responds to his comrades who accused him of lies, talks about the threats to his life, and explains why his organization actually helps Israeli hasbara abroad. continue reading ›
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