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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories



June 6, 2014

Provocation during Breaking the Silence’s 10-year anniversary event

Tamir Yacobi, a member of the radical right-wing organization “The Shomron Residents’ Committee”, is the person who got on stage to launch a provocation during an event marking the 10-year anniversary of Breaking the Silence (BtS), and 47 years of occupation, in June 2014. continue reading ›
May 14, 2014

On June 6th, We all Break the Silence

On Friday, June 6th 2014, we will commemorate a decade since the establishment of “Breaking the Silence” and 47 years since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of the territories. Since our founding in June of 2004, more than 900 men and women who served as IDF soldiers throughout the Occupied Territories have joined the organization and provided us with testimony about their military service. The testimonies depict the experience of service within a reality of Occupation. We talk about the routine of violence, boredom, damage to human life and property, and the sense of endangerment amidst ceaseless tension. We describe what prolonged military control on a civilian population looks like from the vantage point of the Israeli soldier. continue reading ›
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