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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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July 26, 2015

Lapid slams Kibbutz Movement for inviting Breaking the Silence to address youth

Kibbutz Movement says speakers at event in questions also included IDF officers, group that seeks to promote image of soldiers abroad. continue reading ›
July 21, 2015

‘For the first time in history, Jews can take part in war from home’

Avi Benayahu, who served as IDF Spokesperson during both Operation Cast Lead and the Mavi Marmara incident, explains his worldview and tactics in a lecture obtained by +972 Magazine. continue reading ›
July 17, 2015

Israeli army investigating Gaza incidents reported on by Breaking the Silence

Military does not say which ones it is looking into, but soldiers' testimonies in report include shooting at civilians, destroying property and looting cars. continue reading ›
July 15, 2015

Holding Our Leaders Accountable – Not Soldiers Alone

Israeli political leadership must stop hiding behind the soldiers, as political decisionmakers are the ones who must bear responsibility for the massive amount of fatalities and disproportionate destruction in Gaza. continue reading ›
July 9, 2015

Exploiting anti-Semitism for the occupation’s sake

If we are genuinely interested in combating anti-Semitism, then it is in our best interest to clearly distinguish between what anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of Israeli policies. This approach will be much more effective in galvanizing civil society and politicians against anti-Semitism. continue reading ›
July 8, 2015

Fmr. Israeli soldiers criticize tactics used in Gaza War

Watch this interview with Avner Gvaryahu, our former head of public outreach, in CNN as we mark one year since Operation Protective Edge. Avner explains how although Israel must protect itself, it must also ask questions about HOW this is done and to make sure that we don't cross our own red lines in the process. continue reading ›
June 30, 2015

Why I Broke the Silence

I was hoping I could use my knowledge to help defend my country, but when the moment of truth arrived, I was sent to the occupied territories to control a civilian population. continue reading ›
June 25, 2015

Israel’s far right seeks to cripple human rights groups which monitor government and army abuses in Occupied Territories

Questions about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government’s commitment to democracy have intensified with the reintroduction of a bill designed to cripple the Israeli human rights groups that monitor government and army practices in the Occupied Territories. continue reading ›
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