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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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May 19, 2015

War, then and now

New reports shed light on the human toll of past conflicts continue reading ›
May 17, 2015

Why is Matti Friedman so mad at Breaking the Silence?

A former AP reporter who crusades against the international media’s alleged anti-Israel bias takes aim at the Israeli NGO of veteran soldiers in an article that is long on … well, length. But short on substance. continue reading ›
May 15, 2015

The IDF Is Not Living Up To Its Code Of Ethics

Everyone who cares about our path and who refuses to accept tired declarations like, “We had no choice,” as an excuse for the loss of values, must rise up and protest. continue reading ›
May 7, 2015

In Wartime, Who Comes First — Soldiers or Civilians?

It is hard, perhaps impossible, to know exactly how ethics factor into each IDF decision on the ground. But there is solid evidence to suggest that, at least in Operation Protective Edge, Kasher’s version of the IDF code dominated practice. One of the clearest indicators is the way in which artillery was used during this operation. continue reading ›
May 6, 2015

Good morning al-Burejj

One of our veteran activists and researchers at Breaking the Silence has begun blogging for The Times of Israel - check out his first piece here on our book of testimonies on Operation Protective Edge continue reading ›
May 5, 2015

Israeli soldier testimony: ‘Most of our shooting was random… we didn’t think about civilian casualties’ – video

In July 2014, Israel launched a major ground offensive into the Gaza strip in response to rockets being fired by Palestinian militants and to destroy a network of tunnels used by Hamas and other factions. By the time they left some 2,200 Palestinians had been killed, including a significant number of civilians. Now, for the first time, Israeli soldiers have described the orders they received for fighting in civilian areas – orders that treated any Palestinian as a threat. Among those who have spoken out is a 22-year-old sergeant who served in a tank continue reading ›
May 5, 2015

‘Any person you see – shoot to kill’: The IDF doctrine which causes the death of innocent Palestinians

As a former sniper with the Israeli army, I am calling for for an investigation of the events that took place in Gaza last year continue reading ›
May 5, 2015

New report details how Israeli soldiers killed civilians in Gaza: “There were no rules”

An organization of Israeli soldiers known as “Breaking the Silence” released a report containing testimonies from more than 60 officers and soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces who served during the 50-day war against Hamas militants last summer in the Gaza Strip. continue reading ›
May 5, 2015

Israeli soldiers describe ‘losing their sense of morality’ during the Gaza conflict

Soldiers who took part in last year's Gaza conflict tell Breaking the Silence, an NGO run by former Israeli soldiers, that they were told "If you shoot someone in Gaza, it's cool, no big deal" continue reading ›
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