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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


From the Press

June 3, 2014

Public reading of soldier testimonies to be held in Tel Aviv on anniversary of occupation

Avner Gvaryahu, spokesperson for the anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence: ‘We want as many public figures as possible to assume responsibility, in broad daylight, for the kind of stories every soldier knows to tell.’ continue reading ›
June 1, 2014

After evicting Palestinians, Israel seeks to legalize outpost in firing zone

State claimed in 2012 that zone is necessary for military purposes, but ignores seven buildings in West Bank outpost which trespass on same area. continue reading ›
May 28, 2014

Haaretz reveals: Non-combat IDF soldier opened fire at deadly Nakba Day protest

The soldier took part in the incident in which 2 Palestinians were killed even though he was not authorized to do so; the soldier was suspended, but an investigation did not find evidence proving he was responsible. continue reading ›
May 18, 2014

Lag Ba’omer in Hebron: Settlers light bonfire in Palestinian orchard

Haaretz photographer who tried to take photos of bonfire from up close was attacked by settlers. continue reading ›
April 21, 2014

History repeats itself in Hebron

The new settlement in the Rajabi house will exact an unimaginable toll on Palestinians living in the city. continue reading ›
April 15, 2014

PHOTOS: Palestinians mourn woman who died after inhaling tear gas

The death of a 45-year-old woman in Aida Refugee Camp exposes the ongoing abuse of crowd control weapons that all too often become lethal in the hands of Israeli forces. continue reading ›
April 15, 2014

When our freedom means their captivity

In the wake of further settlement expansion, British university students are finding it harder to defend Israel to their peers. continue reading ›
April 13, 2014

A new settlement is born in Hebron

As peace talks teeter, three families move into what will be the first new settlement in Hebron since the 1980s – with the full support and blessing of the army. continue reading ›
April 1, 2014

Father of Palestinian youth killed by soldiers in Budrus petitions High Court to end delay in investigation

Ahmad ‘Awad, whose son Samir was shot and killed by soldiers near the Separation Barrier in the West Bank village of Budrus,petitioned Israel’s High Court of Justice together... continue reading ›
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