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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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April 3, 2012

Israeli minister: State should encourage settler takeover of Hebron home

Comments by Likud's Yisrael Katz come amid apparent disagreement between defense establishment, Netanyahu's office as to the proper response to the structure's capture; Netanyahu to discuss issue in panel with Barak. continue reading ›
April 2, 2012

IDF brass calls for immediate removal of new Hebron settlement

Settlers say they purchased the property legally and their representatives show records of the deal. continue reading ›
March 18, 2012

IDF opposes the screening of Israeli documentary about West Bank legal system

The documentary film The Law in These Parts, critical of the IDF justice system in the territories, was not authorized to be screened for IDF soldiers. continue reading ›
March 10, 2012

Between a wall and a Green Line: Palestinian life in ‘Seam Zone’

Al’Seefer lies uphill from the settlement of Beit Yatir, just beyond the South Hebron Hills, but the tiny Palestinian village feels worlds apart from the 33-year-old settlement. continue reading ›
February 26, 2012

Right-wing hecklers break up Meretz Hebron tour

Tensions soar as Meretz, left-wing activists interact with settlers, right-wing activists in Hebron. continue reading ›
February 20, 2012

Gideon Sa’ar demonstrates his presence

The education minister's plan ignores the ugly present in the city and makes use of young students as political tools on the grown-ups’ playing field. continue reading ›
February 15, 2012

An Exclusive Corner of Hebron

If you exclude Jerusalem, Hebron has the largest population of any Palestinian city in the West Bank continue reading ›
February 13, 2012

IDF brigade leaves an impression in Hebron

Hebron's Palestinian residents report a spate of harassment since the Golani brigade moved into the city in December. continue reading ›
February 7, 2012

Scenes from a Village: The Ugly Truth about the Israeli Occupation

When Israel conquered the West Bank in 1967, virtually no Jews lived there. Most had fled their homes after Jews had been massacred by a group of marauding Arabs in 1929. continue reading ›
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