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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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December 29, 2016

What Progressive Jews Can Learn From David Friedman and Dani Dayan

In the northeast part of the settlement of Beit El, there is a building bearing the name of the newly appointed American ambassador to Israel — David Friedman. The Friedman edifice is located on the grounds of a girls’ high school (Ulpana), which was built in the late 1990s on privately owned Palestinian land from the neighboring village of Dura El Qara. In June of 2012, nearby structures that were part of the Ulpana neighborhood were demolished following an Israeli Supreme Court order, costing Israeli taxpayers millions of shekels. The building bearing the name of America’s future ambassador to Israel is still in place, though a demolition order against it is still pending. continue reading ›
December 13, 2016

Shoafat: A Mark of Shame on All Israelis

The Palestinian refugee camp inside the city of Jerusalem is a blight on Israel which must be corrected immediately. | Opinion continue reading ›
December 6, 2016

Yes, in Our Schools

Naftali Bennett is trying to scare principals and deepen the delegitimization of the occupation’s opponents. He won’t succeed. continue reading ›
December 1, 2016

Ministry Summons Jerusalem School Principal for Hosting Anti-occupation Group Breaking the Silence

The summons was prompted by a complaint over alleged incitement at the program, but no incitement has been found and there is no formal ministry policy banning such programming, sources say. continue reading ›
December 1, 2016

‘We Are Orphans Here’

Life and death in East Jerusalem’s Palestinian refugee camp. By RACHEL KUSHNER continue reading ›
November 29, 2016

Israeli Lawmakers to Hold Rare Dual Vote on Bill to Legalize Settlement Outposts

Knesset legal adviser warns of 'significant minefields' ahead of Wednesday vote on the measure, aimed at averting a court-ordered evacuation of Amona. continue reading ›
November 22, 2016

How to Oppose Trump: A Guide for American Progressives, From Your Israeli and Palestinian Peers

Israeli and Palestinian rights activists have weathered many years of repeated and well-coordinated attacks on democratic and liberal values. But we're still here. And we have hard-won lessons to offer. continue reading ›
November 1, 2016

Breaking the Silence to receive alternative award from BGU faculty

Faculty from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev will present an alternative award to the controversial NGO rights group Breaking the Silence in lieu of a canceled prize the group was supposed to receive from the university. continue reading ›
September 20, 2016

Secret Documents Reveal How Israel Tried to Evade International Scrutiny of Occupation

In two cables from '67 and '68, Foreign Ministry officials admit violations of Geneva Conventions, instruct diplomats how to evade need for compliance by eschewing use of the word ‘occupation.’ continue reading ›
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