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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories


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June 3, 2016

The power couple of American literature wants to save Israel from itself

The dissonance generated by a visit to Hebron and a dinner in Tel Aviv jolted Israeli-born writer Ayelet Waldman. It also sparked the genesis of a project with her husband, writer Michael Chabon, and Breaking the Silence: enlisting world-famous writers to document life under occupation. continue reading ›
May 22, 2016

Israel Demands Names of Soldiers Who Blew Whistle on Gaza ‘War Crimes’ to Breaking the Silence

Israel is trying to force a leading anti-occupation NGO to reveal the identities of the soldiers who testified to it.. a move that the group says will effectively put it out of business. continue reading ›
May 21, 2016

Israeli Soldiers Who Provide Testimony to NGOs Must Be Granted Immunity

This case smacks of scapegoating. Instead of investigating the Israel Defense Forces’ assault policies, as reflected by the last Gaza war, the Military Police and State Prosecutor’s Office are focusing on a single case of low-level severity. continue reading ›
May 20, 2016

Why the state won’t be able to break Breaking the Silence

The state’s attempt to bring down one of Israel’s most important anti-occupation organizations may backfire in a big way. continue reading ›
May 18, 2016

Israel action threatens to close down rights group and ‘chill’ free speech

Case is being brought against Breaking the Silence, which publishes anonymous testimonies of Israeli soldiers. continue reading ›
May 18, 2016

Court Ruling to Decide Breaking the Silence’s Fate Next Week

State attorney wants NGO to reveal soldiers who gave testimony about troops' misbehavior. continue reading ›
May 13, 2016

Blood Soiled Hands and the Dreams of Our Fathers (On Israel Independence Day)

we must ask ourselves if we have fulfilled the dream of our founding fathers, or whether the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian people prevents us from establishing a society based on freedom, justice and peace. If the latter is true, as I believe it is, then our prayers and goals for the next year should be about making the vision of freedom, justice and peace a reality. continue reading ›
May 7, 2016

Here’s what happened when some famous writers went to visit some hardcore Jewish settlers

The organizers hope their words will kindle reflection, outrage, change. They think that after five decades of daily news coverage, often numbing in its narrative of stalled 'peace processes' and kill-reprisal-repeat, the Israel-Palestinian conflict needs a novelist’s chops to tell old stories in new ways. continue reading ›
April 18, 2016

Literary Stars Learn ‘Occupation 101’ Firsthand in Tense Tour of West Bank

“Despair is a luxury,” wrote Waldman and Chabon in their announcement of the book, explaining that that they had decided to use “our voices and our words” to bear witness to Israel’s lengthy military occupation rather than turning away in hopelessness. The book is “not an analysis of the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” they wrote. “It asks a simple question: What does occupation look like? What does it feel like to live under occupation?” continue reading ›
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