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Q&A About collecting testimonies and (not) collecting classified materials
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So how can you take part?
Invite us to a lecture or parlor meeting in your own home, for an open dialogue with your family and friends, in order to learn more about us and the mission we were sent to carry out.
Come with us to the occupied territories and see the reality for yourself. Join a tour guided by soldiers who've served there.
Our activities are made possible by donations from people like you. Help us continue and break the silence. Any donation, Big or small, contributes to our work.
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Q&A About collecting testimonies and (not) collecting classified materials
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From our Facebook Page

Now is the time to break the silence on the military control of the Gaza Strip. Join us on Friday, May 25, as soldiers, artists, public figures, politicians, activists, and more, read testimonies from soldiers who served in and around the Gaza Strip, and decided to break the silence. Our right to security does not permit the bloodshed of thousands of demonstrators shot with live ammunition. We refuse to remain silent as the government continues to send us to Gaza, time and again, for more violence and occupation. For more information>>

Area G: soldiers’ testimonies on the occupation of Gaza

Join us for a public reading of testimonies from soldiers who served in Gaza. Friday, 25.05.18 | Habima Square, Tel Aviv | 11:00

From our Facebook Page

A full-page ad that we published this morning in Israel’s most widely read newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. The reckless killing of 58 Gazans is the outcome of the ongoing occupation, indicating this country’s loss of moral leadership. As soldiers who served there, it’s clear to us: demonstrations must not be dispersed with live ammunition.