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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
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"Breaking the Silence" Lecture

This lecture focuses on the daily reality in the Occupied Territories as depicted by the hundreds of soldiers interviewed by Breaking the Silence, and also examines the moral price paid for the control of a civilian population. The lecture is based on the testimonies of soldiers who served in various areas throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

"This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014" Lecture

The lecture describes how the Israeli Defense Forces fought in Gaza in the summer of 2014, and is based on the booklet of soldiers' and officers' testimonies from Operation Protective Edge. The booklet compiles the testimonies of dozens of soldiers across various units and areas of combat. In the lecture we present the soldiers' testimonies alongside photographs that they took during the operation, provide historical background, explain military terms and activities, and facilitate a discussion.

"Women Soldiers Break Their Silence" Lecture

This lecture is based on the booklet of women's testimonies published by Breaking the Silence in February 2010, which describes military service in the Territories from the unique perspective of female soldiers who served in a range of roles and units. Using segments of Tamar Yarom's documentary "To See if I'm Smiling," and other testimonies gathered by Breaking the Silence, we discuss the role of women within a military unit and in the implementation of military rule overall.

Hebron Lecture

This lecture describes the complex reality in Hebron today, using historical context and the testimonies of soldiers who served in Hebron since the year 2000. With a focus on the current situation in Hebron, the lecture can also serve as a preparatory meeting for a tour in the city itself.

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