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Text testimonies There will be many more like him
catalog number: 125245
Rank: Other
Unit: Nahal Brigade
Area: Hebron
period: 2002 - 2003
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There will be many more like him
Rank: Other
Unit: Nahal Brigade
Area: Hebron
period: 2002 - 2003

As an officer in Hebron, one day I went out to the guard post to try to catch a ride out. It was very cold in Hebron. I was wearing a fleece jacket and had no outer signs of my rank, that of an officer. I stood there like any other with the soldier on guard duty. Facing him was this kind of bus stop where Palestinian detainees would be seated, waiting for the Security Service to come pick them up and transport them to *** detention center. People on guard duty at brigade headquarters were "jobniks" - soldiers sent from all sorts of rear units, like air force bases and the like who'd take turns doing guard duty. So while standing there at the guard post, I see these two "jobniks" hanging around, there was a shackled detainee, his hands tied behind his back, blindfolded. Suddenly I see one of them simply go up to him and without any warning give him a knee-kick in the head. I had a gut-reaction, leaped at the guy, caught him and told him, "You're coming with me right now". He couldn't figure out what a woman soldier was doing ordering him to come with her. He pushed me away, he was a big guy, pushed me off and ran into their quarters. I was all nerves at that point, left the guard post, ran up straight to the Brigade Commander and Deputy Commander's office. The commander was not there, the deputy was. I went to him.

What was the name of the Deputy Brigade Commander?***. I approached the deputy brigade commander and told him what had happened. He said, "Go along with our deputy operations officer and find that guy." When we got back to the deputy brigade commander later, to say we had not found him and that we intend to repeat the search in a few hours, he said, "Forget it. There will be many more like him", or something to that effect. I don't recall his exact words, but that was the message: Forget it, there's no point. This was one of the instances that really gave me a hard time.