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Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories
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We live in their backyard, or they’re in our backyard

testimony catalog number: 559091
unit: Nahal, 50th Battalion
area: Hebron
period: 2010

The little kids who go through the post all the time, they have no problem screaming at soldiers and cursing at them (the testifier is talking about settlers who live inside "Mitkanim" military post in Hebron, whom he mentions in his testimony). And these are kids who, like, we live in their backyard, or they’re in our backyard.

Were there incidents in which they cursed?
Freely. Absolutely. A whole lot.

How old?
The youngest kid was six and there were some a bit older. Actually there aren’t that many kids in the neighborhood, but there are kids aged 13, 14.

They just walk, throw out a curse and go on?
If you bother them, then yes, they’ll curse at you.

What does it mean to bother them?
Just like, they’re wandering around the post as if it’s their backyard. Now, there are some guys who aren’t bothered by this, but some are bothered by it. There are periods in which the officers get sick of it and they used to say: you can’t walk around here, it’s a post, you go in and out through this gate and that’s it. There’s also the club, which is close to the gate. We situated our club close to the gate. Almost no one from the company observes the Sabbath; we watched TV like always. Then a girl from the neighborhood came in, started screaming: “It’s the Sabbath,” came over to turn off our TV. I just kicked her out: Get out of here… 

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