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upcoming tour Hebron
upcoming tour

  31 10 22

Visit the occupied center of Hebron: once a lively Palestinian market, now a ghost town.

monthly calendar
0405060708 08 09 22 Public Tour South Hebron Hills 1 0910
3031 31 10 22 Public Tour Hebron 1
from 'Times of Israel'
05 09 22
from 'Times of Israel'

The faceless mass: On being at the forefront of the IDF's bureaucratic violence

05 09 22

Hundreds of people came to see me at the reception window every day. Multiply that by weeks, months – and yet, I can’t remember a single face. They were a foreign mass – faceless, indistinguishable – whereas I, belying the euphemistic pretenses of the term “Civil Administration,” was part of a mechanism of military control.

from 'Haaretz'
04 08 22
from 'Haaretz'

Report: Israel's Civil Administration Eases Permits for Palestinians in Exchange for Intel

04 08 22

Former Israeli soldiers told an anti-occupation NGO that the Civil Administration fosters give-and-take relationships with certain Palestinians, dubbed 'interlocutors'

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from 'Haaretz'
04 08 22
from 'Haaretz'

Israeli Vets Say Denying Palestinians Permits Used to Suppress Hunger Strikes

04 08 22

Soldiers who served in the Civil Administration also told left-wing human rights monitor Breaking the Silence that West Bank settlers are directly involved in shaping its policy

from 'The Guardian'
04 08 22
from 'The Guardian'

‘The power we had was astonishing’: ex-soldiers on Israel’s government in the occupied territories

04 08 22

Newly published military testimonies highlight the bureaucratic power of Cogat’s ‘permit regime’ over Palestinians

from 'Jewish News'
03 08 22
from 'Jewish News'

‘We must fix this for the settlers, soldiers and the Palestinians’

03 08 22

Breaking The Silence attracts increasing numbers of diaspora Jews onto its 'occupation tour' in West Bank cities like Hebron. Jewish News joined one.

from 'i24NEWS'
02 08 22
from 'i24NEWS'

NGO: Israeli soldiers arbitrarily deny entry permits for West Bank Palestinians

02 08 22

Israeli soldiers serving in the Civil Administration in the West Bank would arbitrarily deny Palestinians permits to enter Israel, according to a Monday report by an NGO that cited former troops.

from 'Haaretz'
02 08 22
from 'Haaretz'

Opinion: Vanguard in Humiliating Palestinians

02 08 22

The humiliation factor... can be read within as well as between the lines of the booklet: in the broken Arabic spoken by the soldiers in the reception windows for Palestinians, the contemptuous treatment even of those as old as their grandfathers and grandmothers, in allocating water to settlers at the expense of a Palestinian community, in the wholesale revocation of movement permits. Humiliation of the other is an inseparable part of the bureaucratic violence.

from 'Haaretz'
17 07 22
from 'Haaretz'

Op-ed: How We Paid for our Sane Government

17 07 22

"We must not pay for our rights with the rights of another people. Because if we do, then we are not fighting for rights, but for privileges, and they too will be only temporary, devoured from the inside, a celebration of pseudo-democracy on the edge of the abyss."

from 'Our Newsletter'
03 01 22 Another victory, another crack in the wall of occupation
from 'Our Newsletter'

Another victory, another crack in the wall of occupation

03 01 22

04 04 22

From our Facebook Page

04 04 22

"A pipe bomb is something you hurl. It's an iron pipe full of gunpowder or explosives or something that makes it blow up, and generally when...

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Number: 40671

Unit: Haruv Battalion

Rank: First Sergeant

Period: 2001-2004


Nobody ever really believed for a moment that we’ll ever catch someone at the checkpost

Actually there’s no theoretical rationale behind it. In fact we don’t...

Number: 4324

Rank: First Sergeant

Unit: Nahal, 50th Battalion

Area: Nablus area

I think that the argument about the most moral army in the world is a fig leaf, hiding what’s really happening

I suddenly understood that some of the things I did there are illegitimate,...

Number: 4322

Rank: Major

Unit: Artillery Corps

Where I saw violence in Hebron?

The mission there is not to maintain order; the mission there is to enforce...

Number: 3730

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: Nahal, 932nd Battalion

Area: Hebron

They wanted to find some Palestinian and kill him

We were called traitors, [told] that we’re Nazis, that we hate Jews and...

Number: 4383

Rank: First Sergeant

Unit: Nahal, 932nd Battalion

Area: Hebron