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Q&A About Breaking the Silence
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So how can you take part?
Invite us to a lecture or parlor meeting in your own home, for an open dialogue with your family and friends, in order to learn more about us and the mission we were sent to carry out.
Come with us to the occupied territories and see the reality for yourself. Join a tour guided by soldiers who've served there.
Our activities are made possible by donations from people like you. Help us continue and break the silence. Any donation, Big or small, contributes to our work.
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Q&A About Breaking the Silence
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From our Facebook Page

If there's one thing you read this weekend, make it this: Our deputy director Ron Zaidel on the inescapable conclusion that settler violence is "an inseparable part of the occupation, and that it is very hard to separate it from the violence perpetrated by the state itself." Read the article here:

From our Facebook Page

This afternoon, the Knesset (Israeli parliament) Foreign and Defense Affairs Committee held a long-awaited meeting on the subject of settler violence. You can read our livetweeting from the meeting here: Unfortunately, this debate was typical of the general discourse in Israel on settler violence: most of the participants displayed a total unwillingness to look at the context - military occupation over millions of Palestinians and consistent government support for the settler movement for over 50 years - while remaining fixated on the human rights activists who are working to bring this important issue to the public's attention. Whenever we talk about institutional support for the settler movement, we're immediately accused of 'politicizing' the debate - a debate which is, in its very essence, political. As ever, the right wing Members of Knesset who were present today highjacked the discussion to complain that they and the settlers are the true victims, and to claim that we're just stirring up trouble. While the committee debated the merits of debating settler violence, activists protested settler violence outside the Knesset and read out soldiers' testimonies on the subject. The testimonies reflect what we know to be true: settler violence happens all the time; it won't stop until we're willing to properly examine the system that allows it to flourish.

From our Facebook Page

"You hear about things like the mapping of houses and entering houses at night, and you say ‘that’s awful,’ and then you discover that it’s been going on there the entire time. It’s not a practice that was invented after this or that intifada. It has always been done there." Avi Mograbi, the celebrated film director, was interviewed for about his most recent film, "The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation", and spoke about occupation, cinema and the soldiers' testimonies upon which the film is based. The film is currently making the rounds on the international film festival circuit and recently earned a Special Jury Mention at the prestigious Berlinale. Read the full interview here: 'Like' the film's Facebook page for more information on upcoming screenings and when the film will be available for general viewing: