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Text testimonies "The settlers blocked the route, nothing can be done"
catalog number: 128311
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: The Civil Administration
Area: Nablus area
period: 2014
28  views    0  comments
"The settlers blocked the route, nothing can be done"
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: The Civil Administration
Area: Nablus area
period: 2014

This whole issue of [settlers] throwing stones, it always happened. Lately they [settlers from Yitzhar] had begun throwing stones specifically at IDF forces and then it began to bother the senior commanders. I can't understand the lack of clarity regarding the fact that soldiers aren’t allowed to arrest Jews. They’re really forbidden from touching Jews, and must always wait for the border police or the police to arrive. Border police forces have been stationed in Yitzhar for months now due to the tension there, and they’re still capable of belatedly reporting massive stone throwings directed at them by 30-40 settlers, and at the end of the incident no one is arrested. I've seen how settlers throw stones and soldiers don't even try to outflank them, they stand next to them, they don't know what to do with themselves, waiting. In Palestinian villages, if one kid throws stones – and it's much harder to catch one person – but they [the soldiers] catch him. And if they don't catch him – there's intelligence on him and they'll go and arrest him that same night. Or they really carry out a chase and find him because he's really important to them. From their point of view he's a rioter. But when that happens in Yitzhar – nothing happens over the course of half an hour. You have stones thrown at you, and the forces report it retroactively because they don't always think it’s worthy of reporting because it has nothing to do with the Palestinians. The settlers do exactly what the Palestinians do: they block routes, they place traffic spikes on the route between Yitzhar and Tkuma. When Palestinians block routes with stones, it's a pretense to enter a village, use flares and even shoot tear gas.

And if it's in Yitzhar? Sometimes [the soldiers] say, "We can't pass, the road is blocked by stones." On one of the Saturdays, they placed traffic spikes and stone blocks, and we reported that settlers were throwing stones at a Palestinian. [The forces] said, "We can't get there, the road is blocked, nothing can be done." Only after three or four times, upon receiving a complaint from the head of the council and all sorts of Palestinian officials – they cleared the route. That was already a few hours later, so it was no longer relevant. You receive complaints from all sorts of officials, and all you're told is, "The settlers blocked the route, nothing can be done."