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Text testimonies We know everything about you
catalog number: 364741
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Paratroopers Anti Tank Unit
Area: Nablus area
period: 2016
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We know everything about you
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Paratroopers Anti Tank Unit
Area: Nablus area
period: 2016

What about mapping, do you remember something like that?We did mappings, yes.

What is it?It’s entering a home, different from arrests in that it’s much less violent and less quick. We did mappings in (the village of) Madama, about five or six mappings.

What is it in practice?In practice it’s entering a home, and just like it sounds, mapping it. Sketching, making a sketch of the house, what it looks like, how many rooms it has, how it’s built, who lives in it. I remember we would also take the information of the people who live there.

And you write everything down?I think that someone would write it down.

What’s the purpose of it?I can guess what its purpose is. It seems to me more a matter of making our presence felt and of control and creating the feeling that “We know everything about you, we can come into your home.”

Was this also your feeling as a soldier who’s doing it?I didn’t really understand what the point of it was because I was like, “Why enter a house now if it’s not a person who needs to be arrested, why do we need this information, what do I care what this house looks like from the inside and who lives in it and that.” I can understand [the rationale] , if one day some arch-terrorist comes out of this house and we need to break in, but I don’t think that really this information, anything is done with it, I find that hard to believe.

You entered homes in the area a lot, did you ever go into a house and receive some sort of information of this type, of this kind of mapping?I got intel about a house before I entered it.

So you did see how it works logically, that you do a mapping and then receive information.I have to say that we’re not professional map designers so I never understood what the point of it is. Like, you always analyze the houses and “Here’s the air conditioner, this must be their bedroom,” or you see from the way the house is built, where the kitchen is, and so on.

And you think the information you had, it came from mappings?I find that hard to believe, I assume it didn’t, as someone who did mappings, it (the information received prior to missions) was a little more detailed.

Why did you say that nothing is done with this information?Because it just seems like you enter into houses almost randomly, not knowing why you’re entering a particular house, why do I need to map it. The last house I remember mapping was, like, a mom, a dad, two little children, that’s it. They looked totally cool, they don’t look like they’re involved in any illegal activity. I don’t know, it just seems disconnected, I didn’t understand why I’m entering this house. I think they just pick houses randomly and I don’t think there’s a database of all the houses in the West Bank, of what they look like, because I assume that it must not have been the first time they had a mapping done in their house.