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Text testimonies As if this is the IDF order
catalog number: 671879
Unit: Alexandroni Reserve Brigade
period: 2011
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As if this is the IDF order
Unit: Alexandroni Reserve Brigade
period: 2011

Let's actually start with pre-combat training, because there’s something interesting about it, in my opinion. I didn't know too much about the territories from my regular service, and so everything was relatively new to me. During pre-combat training we arrived and there were very focused drills as to what was going to happen in the territories, through a very very specific focus on the subject of riots, disruptions of order.. This means that beyond firing ranges and weapon maintenance and stuff like that, we had a whole day of training use of means for dispersing demonstrations, and they told us: you're going to be stationed next to a nearby village by the name of Nabi Saleh, and in this village they hold demonstrations every Friday, and that is what you’re you're going to be dealing with, among other things, get to know the army’s means for dispersing demonstrations, and like that, we trained for actually two intensive days in the field. Another day we had was about focused classes on everything happening in our area, from classes on improvised explosive devices, Molotov cocktails, intelligence about the population, so that we know as much as possible about what's going on with us, what’s going to happen with us in that deployment. Despite the fact that many people, I think, felt that it wasn't done in a serious manner, from my point of view it… It was, first of all, a huge improvement from what I'm familiar with from my reserve duty, it was very focused… On the first day the Binyamin Brigadier General, Saar Tzur arrived. He is, I believe, three talks he held with everyone – he gave the impression that he's a very ethical person, who comes from a world somewhat different from the typical military view, that I thought I’d encounter. He sat with us for over five hours, really gave us his time. I understood that he did so with every battalion that arrived. And he talked about the stuff that bugs everyone. That is, open fire regulations, he brought a civilian company that specifies on riot simulations. After each simulation we carried out with the company, he analyzed the simulation, saying what we did right. He started with a sentence, saying 'Listen, the open fire regulations haven't changed, they haven’t changed in recent years. There's nothing new here, I'm just refreshing,’ and this refreshment caused people to let out all that, 'What do you mean? A person stands with a stone and I don't shoot him?' Then he says, “You shoot to kill only if he endangers [someone's] life.” What does 'endangers life' mean? If he's standing with this rock over your buddy, holding it above his head and you know that if he smashes the rock down then he kills your friend, then obviously you shoot to kill. But if he’s standing with a stone to throw at you, then yes, he'll hit you, it'll hurt you, and it won’t be pleasant, and you'll be hospitalized, but you won't die from it, and that's why you don't shoot. And that caused an uproar among the soldiers even then, and it was the first day of our reserve duty, and it was a very interesting introduction to what’s going to happen on this deployment, because even then I imagined that if we have arguments now – even with the Brigadier General who is respected and feared – what will happen when they face people alone. By the way, among the soldiers there wasn't even one voice siding with the Brigadier General. Now I actually remember something else, the training, the first part of the pre-combat training on the first day was a conversation with the battalion commander. Our battalion commander was new… This deployment was the first time he commanded our battalion, he was previously a deputy battalion commander. And he's known, and he doesn't hide it, as a person who is sort of, I’ll say, very right wing… He's less interested in the issue of human rights and all that, and he's very proud of it. He jokes about it a lot. His front command squad is made up of people he carefully chooses, people who, let's say, know how to cause commotion. They're called the Chechens because they, there are these two Russians who are very violent. And he wrote the orders with an erasable marker on the board: battalion *** will prevent hostile terrorist activity, blah blah blah, all the stuff that they write in an order, and the end of the order was "and will protect the Israeli and Palestinian civilian populations." And then, to everyone’s amusement, commanders and officers, he erased the word Palestinian, and left only the word Israeli as if this is the IDF order. That's it.The discussion with the brigadier general and the battalion commander, was it only commanders and officers or was it with the whole battalion?Only with officers and commanders.