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Text testimonies They scan the face
catalog number: 837133
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: The Civil Administration
period: 2021
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They scan the face
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: The Civil Administration
period: 2021

“Resident Information” is the system, it’s one of the systems we use, in addition to which there’s also a system that issues the permits and also has more information that relates to permits. There’s the ability to cancel permits, to enter information on permits and so on. Only people in the unit are exposed to [the data in the system]. And then, they invented two other systems, one of which is 'White Wolf', which is used by the CSCs (Civilian Security Coordinators, settlers in charge of the security of a settlement, appointed by the Ministry of Defense), Border Police forces at the crossings (checkpoints) and so on. They (these systems) have everything to do with [movement] restrictions and permits, but in a very limited way. Meaning, does he have a work permit for a settlement or Israel, and [does he have] a restriction of some kind. [There isn’t] any explanation about the restriction, only [whether it was instructed by] the Shin Bet Security Service, the Police or IDF Operations Branch (see glossary).

So [the Palestinians] actually encounter it at the entrance to a settlement.Exactly.

A [Palestinian] laborer turns up, they have the White Wolf [system],

they check him.Exactly. Now, Blue Wolf is actually a system with very low classification in terms of the information, which works using a scan. I can either scan the person’s face or the barcode that’s on the mumarnat, the smartcard (see glossary). And on this basis I can just retrieve information very very easily. A year ago, say, that forces on the ground needed to make a call to the company's operations room. The company's operations room checks with the brigade. The brigade checks with the DCL (see glossary). By the time this whole procedure happens, it’s been around twenty minutes, half an hour, in order to determine whether the person can pass through the Gush Etzion Junction or not, if there's some kind of indication on him [in the IDF’s systems]. But now this thing is quite simple. With the 'Blue Wolf', I can just check if there are restrictions, if there are permits. It happens in a very simple way.

The forces on the ground can know.Yes.

How do they check this? Do they photograph him, or do they photograph his document? Or do they do both?They simply scan the small barcode that's on the mumarnat. And if there’s just the ID, and [he doesn't have a] mumarnat, then they scan the face.

The physical face.Yes.

And then what does the soldier know?Very very basic information, whether he has restrictions, whether he has permits, that’s it.

So he (the soldier) doesn’t need to go on the two-way radio anymore with the operations room.It simplifies the process for him, yes, exactly.

And in what circumstances do they scan people? If he's not in Israeli territory, then why does it matter if he's walking around with restrictions?Because there are places where Palestinians aren't allowed to walk around. Like, Gush Etzion Junction, in the last three months, there were three attempted stabbings. At Tapuach Junction too, by the way, a Palestinian can't simply pass. [For example,] a Palestinian simply walks from Rami Levy (a large supermarket) at Gush Etzion Junction in the direction of the traffic circle, where he simply wanted someone to pick him up. Suddenly I see a platoon commander aiming a weapon at him, shouting at him, "don't move." He's trying to explain, the guy just wants to pass, and he (the officer) is literally pointing a weapon at him and really waiting for approval on whether he can let him continue because he didn't have this 'Blue Wolf', he had no way of checking whether this resident can or can't pass. It's such a crazy situation. There are places where Palestinians can't go because of the security situation, because of the fear that something will happen.