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Text testimonies There’s no such thing as an illegal outpost
catalog number: 243634
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: The Civil Administration
Area: Hebron area
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There’s no such thing as an illegal outpost
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: The Civil Administration
Area: Hebron area

Was there any administrative distinction between an authorized settlement and an unauthorized settlement? There’s no such thing as an illegal outpost. Except, maybe, Mitzpe Yair, that has a private water line. It’s a private water line that they laid on Palestinian private property. [But] Mizpe Yair has electricity poles belonging to the [Israeli] Electric Corporation. In Avigayil [illegal outpost] I’m almost sure they don’t have electricity [poles] but they have generators and they have water. Someone put that infrastructure there. There was [also] illegal laying of infrastructure in Mizpe Asa’el, they had water and electricity lines from the [regional] council building to the illegal outpost. Of course we stopped the work a few times, but I assume that afterwards, the outpost was connected to electricity and water. And it wasn’t carried out by the Israeli Electric Corporation? No, no, somebody private, illegal work. We get a phone call from the Palestinians or from the left wing organizations reporting illegal work carried out around the “X.” We hop over, arrive and see that there’s illegal work. Apart from getting the tractor out of there at that point in time, we have no ability, authority (to halt illegal work), but if there’s an officer there, and that’s his job, and he sees work and documents it – or doesn’t document it – he is authorized to confiscate the machine, to stop the work. In Asa’el, the supervisor sent a decree halting the work. What happened after that? I have no idea. I assume that nothing happened since the outpost was connected to water and electricity and the world continued to turn. Most of the [illegal] work in outposts takes place on Friday and Saturday. [The settlers] exploit the time the IDF forces are congregating or preparing for the Saturday morning demonstrations (the testifier is referring to Israeli activists escorting Palestinian shepherds in the South Hebron Hills area), and get things done. We would see that there was work carried out on the ground. Each such report would be submitted to the regional coordinator of supervisors, and he is supposed to issue a decree to halt the work. Such a decree usually becomes a demolition order.