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upcoming tour South Hebron Hills
upcoming tour

South Hebron Hills
  22 04 21

The tour highlights the difficult situation in the region and the complex relationship between Palestinians, settlers, and the IDF.

monthly calendar
040506 06 04 21 Public Tour Hebron 1 07080910
1819202122 22 04 21 Public Tour South Hebron Hills 1 2324
0203 03 05 21 Public Tour Hebron 1 0405060708
16171819 19 05 21 Public Tour South Hebron Hills 1 202122
from '+972 Magazine'
15 02 21
from '+972 Magazine'

The best way to avoid an ICC probe: Don’t commit war crimes

15 02 21

With every settlement and military operation, Israel has been paving its own road to The Hague.

from ''
20 12 20
from ''

Israëlische soldaten bij je bed? Wen er maar aan

20 12 20

Vrijwel elke nacht is het raak: het Israëlische leger valt Palestijnse huizen binnen, met of zonder goede reden. Dat zorgt voor blijvende trauma’s.

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from 'Ha'aretz'
17 12 20
from 'Ha'aretz'

When Israeli Soldiers Invade Palestinian Houses at Night

17 12 20

At night, while the household sleeps, my team gets ready outside

from '+972 Magazine'
13 12 20
from '+972 Magazine'

‘We were armed, we destroyed her kitchen, and we moved on’

13 12 20

Israelis like to think that military home invasions are only for security reasons. Former soldiers — and Palestinian families — know that's not the truth.

from 'Altreconomia'
08 12 20
from 'Altreconomia'

Le invasioni dei militari israeliani nelle case delle famiglie palestinesi in Cisgiordania

08 12 20

Ogni mese nei Territori occupati della West Bank si contano oltre 200 violazioni del domicilio per mano dei soldati israeliani a danno dei palestinesi. Pratiche illegittime dalle gravi ricadute per la popolazione civile.

from 'Haaretz'
04 12 20
from 'Haaretz'

Criminal Trespass by the Israeli Army

04 12 20

A report released this week by Breaking the Silence, Physicians for Human Rights and Yesh Din, described the severe psychological harm caused by home invasion operations, which destroy Palestinian homes as protected spaces.

from '+972 Magazine'
03 12 20
from '+972 Magazine'

‘I can’t fall asleep’: The trauma of Israeli raids on Palestinian homes

03 12 20

A new report by human rights groups highlights the arbitrary nature and psychological harm of the Israeli army's home invasions on Palestinian families.

from 'The Observer'
29 11 20
from 'The Observer'

Dehumanising: Israeli groups’ verdict on military invasions of Palestinian homes

29 11 20

Critical report - co-authored by Breaking the Silence - details the trauma of families as soldiers describe midnight raids in the occupied territories

from 'El Pais'
29 11 20
from 'El Pais'

Llamando de noche a la puerta de una casa palestina

29 11 20

El Ejército practica 200 allanamientos al mes en Cisjordania, en su mayoría de forma desproporcionada y sin un objetivo militar, según un informe de ONG israelíes

16 09 20

Mission: Instilling Fear

16 09 20

Using improvised explosives to create 'deterrence' shouldn't surprise us: it's an integral part of the IDF's mission to instill fear in the Palestinian...

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video Company commander shoots live fire video

Company commander shoots live fire

Number: 13499

Unit: Armored Corps

Rank: First Sergeant

Period: 2000


Around every such settlement there’s a circle, a radius of one kilometer

when you suddenly look at it, even zooming out, at the whole Samaria area,...

Number: 4323

Rank: First Sergeant

Unit: Nahal, 50th Battalion

Area: Nablus area

An easy way to explain it to the soldiers

When you say to a soldier, ‘let’s enter a house just to get to know...

Number: 4316

Rank: Captain

Area: Hebron

Crazy situations

The mom comes in, doesn’t understand why a soldier is letting her do...

Number: 3731

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: Nahal, 932nd Battalion

Area: Hebron

The Jewish community has an interest to recruit the army to its ranks

In a case when a Jewish kid throws a stone at the Arab houses below –...

Number: 4318

Rank: Captain

Area: Hebron