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upcoming tour Hebron
upcoming tour

  21 07 24

Visit the occupied center of Hebron: once a lively Palestinian market, now a ghost town.

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from 'New York Times'
20 05 24
from 'New York Times'

Occupation Has Corrupted the Humanity of Israel’s Military

20 05 24

“Every boundary” of military behavior, Avner Gvaryahu writes, “is destined to be redrawn in a military occupation, whose very existence relies on terrorizing a civilian population into submission.”

from 'Foreign Affairs'
04 03 24
from 'Foreign Affairs'

The Myth of Israel’s “Moral Army”

04 03 24

"There is no quick fix for Israel’s wrongdoings, since they are all symptoms of the same root cause: Israel’s absolute prioritization of “managing the conflict” and deferring any real solution, no matter how many civilians—Palestinian or Israeli—are harmed."

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from 'NPR'
25 02 24
from 'NPR'

In the West Bank, U.S. sanctions on Israeli settlers are having an impact

25 02 24

"We're on our way to the South Hebron Hills with our guide, Nadav Weiman. Once an Israeli army special forces sniper, today, Weiman is part of an organization called Breaking the Silence, made up of former soldiers speaking out against their country's occupation of the West Bank, home to 3 million Palestinians."

from 'NPR'
19 02 24
from 'NPR'

Israeli settlers are guarding the West Bank. Palestinians say it's worsening violence

19 02 24

"He said he was at the checkpoint, so maybe he was held up," says Joel Carmel, an ex-Israeli soldier and peace activist, as he stands with a small group of journalists at the gate to Amro's house.

from 'Jewish Currents'
13 02 24
from 'Jewish Currents'

Israel’s Crackdown on Hebron

13 02 24

“What started as a small temporary closure spread and spread, and as soon as there was an excuse, it became a permanent closure,” said Nadav Weiman, senior director of the Israeli human rights group Breaking the Silence.

from 'Jerusalem Post'
24 01 24
from 'Jerusalem Post'

Israeli control over Gaza would be deadly for Israelis and Palestinians

24 01 24

"On August 22, 2005, I was among the last soldiers to close the gate as we left Netzarim settlement in the Gaza Strip, for the last time. We had served there for a year and a half of what could only be described as hell."

from 'The Daily Beast'
25 12 23
from 'The Daily Beast'

I Served in the IDF in the 2014 War in Gaza. The Friends I Lost There Should Have Been the Last Ones.

25 12 23

"We are the soldiers who served the Israeli concept of “managing the conflict” and the endless rounds-of-fighting policy."

from 'MSNBC'
24 12 23
from 'MSNBC'

Former Israeli sniper says war on Gaza is strengthening Hamas

24 12 23

"Indiscriminate bombing is not a way forward, definitely not a way to shift public opinion within the Strip. But also not a way to move forward to a day after, where we don’t conduct our relationship with Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza through the scope of our gun,"

from 'NPR'
05 12 23
from 'NPR'

An Israeli man remembers his Gazan friend

05 12 23

"Here, they try to convince you that everyone in Gaza are just monsters that want to kill you because you're Jewish. And here, I know someone who lives there. He wasn't looking for trouble. He wasn't hurting anyone. And when he died, something kind of broke inside because it made it more difficult to hold on to this belief that we can make things better."

04 04 22

From our Facebook Page

04 04 22

"A pipe bomb is something you hurl. It's an iron pipe full of gunpowder or explosives or something that makes it blow up, and generally when...

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video All the houses we were in were destroyed after we left video

All the houses we were in were destroyed after we left

Number: 70925

Unit: Mechanized Infantry

Rank: Sergeant First Class

Place: Gaza strip

Period: Operation Protective Edge 2014


Crazy situations

The mom comes in, doesn’t understand why a soldier is letting her do...

Number: 3731

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: Nahal, 932nd Battalion

Area: Hebron

An easy way to explain it to the soldiers

When you say to a soldier, ‘let’s enter a house just to get to know...

Number: 4316

Rank: Captain

Area: Hebron

We’re waging a ‘just war.’

You enter the house, just another family, and you see the furious look...

Number: 4321

Rank: First Sergeant

Unit: Paratroopers

Area: Nablus area

I think that the argument about the most moral army in the world is a fig leaf, hiding what’s really happening

I suddenly understood that some of the things I did there are illegitimate,...

Number: 4322

Rank: Major

Unit: Artillery Corps