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Text testimonies They want the house to fall
catalog number: 25447
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Engineering Corps
Area: Qalqilya area
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They want the house to fall
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Engineering Corps
Area: Qalqilya area

I want to ask about the amount of explosives. I got, I mean, I interviewed a guy from a Nahal Brigade engineering company and he told me that when they come over to blow up a house, they use a hundred kilo more… Much more than a hundred kilo, much, much, much more than a hundred kilo more. The calculations, the calculations are done by engineers. The engineers, they don’t know what sort of columns this house has, so you go for the possibility that it’s the strongest type, and see, he does it with images. When we get to this place, we – now listen – we could also – buildings too, like, you’re at such a level that you can choose how you want them to collapse. They can collapse sideways, they can collapse sort of downwards, they can collapse in all sorts of ways if you work correctly with the explosives it’s not such a big deal. And they don’t, they want the house to fall. And they use crazy amounts of explosives, crazy amounts, it’s out of control, like five times the amount that’s needed. There was one time in Qalqilya, we went in, we had to blow up some office building, I can’t remember why by now, there was no real reason, and it was – inside there were also two car stores, and a rug store, it was some building with offices, and they fired at it at first and the whole rug part went up in flames, the whole rug store was burning up and we blew it up. There was a plan to make it fall, like, that it fall sideways and not on the other house, and they made the calculation, they were mostly scared that it – anyway, they miscalculated and it fell onto the other house and just the shockwaves took out, like, half the other house, like – they just killed – destroyed some other irrelevant house. Wait, um, no – they destroyed it because – because it was in the way, like, they took down this structure in Qalqilya because it blocked our vision – it was on the outskirts of the city, a new building, and they took it down because it blocked our vision, we were being fired at, it blocked the sight for our long-distance observation post. We just took the whole house down. Explosives are much more, much, much, much more – crazy amounts. Also the main point here is that we were just taking down houses for no reason, like simply – the people who decide are the sector commanders and suddenly some, like, global event happens, or some security incident, and things get taken down like crazy. All of a sudden the task of granting approvals is taken down a notch to their rank and so [the level] gets lowered. There’s no, like, there’s no examination mechanism in place, and within ten minutes, the decision is made and gets carried out.