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Text testimonies "Hello, we need your house, adios."
catalog number: 128972
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Nahal Haredi
Area: Jericho and the Jordan valley
period: 2002 - 2004
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"Hello, we need your house, adios."
Rank: First Sergeant
Unit: Nahal Haredi
Area: Jericho and the Jordan valley
period: 2002 - 2004

Did you take part in one of entries into Tubas?

Yes, of course I did, many times. We also entered Tubas many times over time, taking over houses. The entries were carried out for two main reasons: arrests and locating weaponry somewhere, or simply demonstrating presence. Every so often you have to go in with a massive military force, demonstrate presence, show how big we are, and leave. Or enter for a long time, for searches and scans. We arrive, take over a certain house, 'straw widow' (ambush or observation point from inside a house), sandbags in the windows, a huge Israeli flag on the roof, a front command squad downstairs.

And where are the inhabitants of the house? Somewhere.

In the house? No. "Hello, we need your house, adios." Just like that, yes. Usually there was an effort to concentrate all the destruction in one specific room, and there was some sort of effort not to destroy too much in the rest of the house, but this room that became something was completely destroyed, it was transformed from a room in a house to a room in a bunker. Soldiers sit there for three days, with everything that entails. During the day some of the forces return and sleep there on mattresses in the same room, and then they wake up and continue their work at night.

You use their stuff? Not food. You're completely disgusted with everything that has to do with this Arab living in this house. There's no chance anyone will eat anything there. If there's some sort of pillow lying around, so yes. One incident I know of is that mobile phones were stolen during a raid of Tubas or Tammun. There was a check post and for some reason they confiscated everyone's mobile phones, and then the soldiers came by and each one adopted a device. After that it became known that mobile phones were stolen and the company commander ignored it. Of course everybody denied it, and he said that he trusts his soldiers’ word more [than the Palestinians’].

Upon entering Tubas were you assigned specific neighborhoods? I think we were assigned specific neighborhoods. I don't believe people walked around the village and checked every house they wanted. If you scan an area, you gofrom house to house, checking it. You walk around there,that's an experience that doesn't touch you personally, in any way. Even houses of people standing there, whom you just pulled out of bed, you don't see them as people you just pulled out of bed. Usually, they're in the house in some room, someone’s guarding them so they don't move, and usually they're not allowed to talk.