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upcoming tour Hebron
upcoming tour

  03 08 21

Visit the occupied center of Hebron: once a lively Palestinian market, now a ghost town.

monthly calendar
04050607 07 07 21 Public Tour South Hebron Hills 1 080910
1819 19 07 21 Public Tour Hebron 1 20212223 23 07 21 Public Tour Hebron 1 24
010203 03 08 21 Public Tour Hebron 1 04050607
222324 24 08 21 Public Tour South Hebron Hills 1 25262728
from 'Haaretz'
20 06 21
from 'Haaretz'

Why Democrats Shouldn't Rush to Embrace Israel's New Government

20 06 21

President Biden and the Democrats cannot cut Israel slack on the occupation just because Netanyahu is out. There should be no 'bipartisan support' for the subjugation of Palestinians.

from 'RFI'
08 06 21
from 'RFI'

Hébron, ville symbole des inégalités entre Israéliens et Palestiniens

08 06 21

« Vous me demandez où est-ce que je vois la violence à Hébron? Elle est à chaque coin de rue. »

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from '+972 Magazine'
31 05 21
from '+972 Magazine'

We Israelis spend our entire lives seeing Palestinians only as threats

31 05 21

Even as our army obliterates entire families in Gaza, Israelis continue to sweep Palestinian humanity under a rug of unconvincing security justifications.

from 'The Observer'
29 05 21
from 'The Observer'

My fears are identical to the fears of a young mother in Gaza

29 05 21

Our Deputy Director, Yael Lotan, features in the Observer as one of five people who've "had an extreme change of heart"

from 'Haaretz'
25 05 21
from 'Haaretz'

When Israel's 'Love of Our Soldiers' Turns to Malice

25 05 21

Excuse us for damaging your PR about our post-trauma with our insistent questions and painful stories. We will persist.

from 'Publico'
23 05 21
from 'Publico'

“O que estamos a fazer nos territórios ocupados não é proteger Israel”

23 05 21

Ori Givati, um dos antigos soldados que serviram na Cisjordânia que faz parte da organização Breaking The Silence, está em Lisboa para mostrar o dia-a-dia da ocupação e os seus efeitos, quer nos israelitas, quer nos palestinianos.

from 'One Young World'
28 04 21
from 'One Young World'

A Life Exposed: My experience invading Palestinian homes

28 04 21

When you talk to Israelis about the occupation, they tend to think of checkpoints. Abroad, people think about the separation wall. But as a former Israeli soldier who regularly carried out home invasions, I think about one Palestinian child that I came to arrest in the middle of the night.

from '+972 Magazine'
15 02 21
from '+972 Magazine'

The best way to avoid an ICC probe: Don’t commit war crimes

15 02 21

With every settlement and military operation, Israel has been paving its own road to The Hague.

from ''
20 12 20
from ''

Israëlische soldaten bij je bed? Wen er maar aan

20 12 20

Vrijwel elke nacht is het raak: het Israëlische leger valt Palestijnse huizen binnen, met of zonder goede reden. Dat zorgt voor blijvende trauma’s.

28 07 21

From our Facebook Page

28 07 21

Settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied territories isn't just throwing stones and burning fields (although there's plenty of...

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video Bride and Groom video

Bride and Groom

Number: 98016

Unit: Nahal Brigade

Place: Bethlehem area

Period: 2001-2004


There’s no such thing as “an illegal outpost”

In Asa’el the inspector (the Civil Administration’s infrastructure...

Number: 4320

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: The Civil Administration

Area: Hebron area

If they resist even a bit, then you pin them to the wall

If he’s between the ages we like – fresh, between 20 and 30 – you...

Number: 4377

Rank: First Sergeant


Area: Hebron

Causing a feeling that the IDF controls the area

the goal is that as many people possible are aware that there could be...

Number: 4315

Rank: First Sergeant

Unit: Nahal, 50th Battalion

Area: Nablus area

A tour for Jewish residents inside the Kasbah

There’s always a securing force that walks ahead [of the tour], checking...

Number: 4374

Rank: Captain

Area: Hebron